Permit Instructions:

1)  Upon completion of a permit application, fax, mail, or email back for approval. 

     If emailed for approval send to

2)  Prior to any work or movement you must have an approved permit from Big

     Stone County. 

3)  IMPORTANT:  Any required fees must be paid before the permit is Valid.  

4)  PAYMENT:  After you have received approval, you may come back to this page

     and click on the ‘Pay Permit Fees here’ link at the bottom.  You may also pay

     in person at the Highway Department Offices in Ortonville, or pay via regular


No Charge Permits  (approval required, no fees)                                                

Work in Road Right-of-Way Permit                                           

Roadway Ditch Clean Out Permit                                              

Utility Permit                                                                            

New Driveway/Approach Permit                                                                             

Upper MN River Watershed District Permit                   

Bois De Sioux Watershed District Permit                                 

Fee Required Permits (approval and fee required - see permit instructions above)

Oversize/Overweight - Moving Permit

Special Farm 6 or 7 Axle - Moving Permit

Special Overweight Construction Materials -Moving Permit