Fees & Permits

In accordance with Big Stone County Ordinances, permits are required outside the corporate limits of municipalities for:

  • All new construction
  • All structures moved and all structures replaced
  • All individual on-site sewage treatment systems
  • Excavations in excess of fifty cubic yards or ten cubic yards in shore land areas

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Fee Schedule

You can click on the Permit File below to download your form, or obtain any permit from the Environmental Office.

Permit Name Permit File Fee
Accessory/Ag Structures & Additions Accessorybldgpermitform.pdf $50.00
Residential Dwellings or Commercial bldgpermitform.pdf $100.00
Sewage Treatment Systems – New Construction BSCsewerpermit.pdf $200.00
Replacement Systems & Holding Tanks BSCsewerpermit.pdf $100.00
Excavation/Land Alteration landalterationform.pdf $100.00
Aggregate Permit miningpermitapplication.pdf $100.00
Conditional Use Permit Applications (Includes Recording Fee) conditionalusepermitform.pdf $500.00
Conditional Use Application Requiring Special Meeting SpecialMeetingconditionalusepermit.pdf $625.00
Amendment to Ordinance Application ordinanceamendmentpermit.pdf $500.00
Rezoning Applications rezoningpermit.pdf $500.00
Subdivision Application (For the first 5 lots; $25/lot thereafter conditionalusepermitform.pdf $500.00
Variance Application variancepermit.pdf $350.00
Any Permit After the fact - $200.00
WCA - Boundary and Type Determination - $100.00
WCA - Replacement Plan Decision - $500.00
WCA - Banking Plan Application Decision - $500.00
WCA - Appeal of LGU Decision - $350.00